What does bourbon history look like ?

Sometimes it’s hard to see, like the old EJ Curley & Co. distillery that sat high above the Kentucky river palisades at Camp Nelson in Jessamine County.

Built in the late 1860s by the son of Irish’s immigrants, Edward Curley who had been a soldier with the Union Army at Camp Nelson must have seen the potential with the spring water pouring out of the ground.

Today this Kentucky distillery is being brought back to life and they have already started to release a sourced bourbon in both a small batch and a single barrel.

Our great friend Ashley Barnes from the The Spirits Group was selected to blend this whiskey and made sure we got a bottle.

Tasting Notes: EJ Curley & Co. Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Vital Stats: This Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is non age stated and had an undisclosed mash bill. It is 95 proof and has an MSRP of $51.99.

Appearance: Tall whiskey bottle with a gorgeous label and a light golden honey bourbon inside.

Nose: Fresh peach with vanilla. sour twizzlers , tropical fruit and a Caribbean spice.

Palate: Sweet peach syrup with a little oak. A nice spice that reminded us of sweet tart candy and dunkin sticks with vanilla creaminess.

Finish: Soft medium with a nice soft Kentucky hug.

Overall: A beautiful small batch that’s perfect for spring. It’s a buy for us.