This week Jim and I had a chance to get back on The Bourbon Road. Driving to downtown Louisville to the Evan Williams Experience to chat with Bernie Lubbers aka Mr. Bottled in Bond and Jodie Filiatreau, their artisanal distiller.

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What was truly amazing about this interview was the wealth of knowledge these two shared with us. You will hear in the episode how freely the conversation flowed and how genuine their love for the bourbon culture is.
The episode only got better as we went along and Bernie even pulled out his guitar and sang a little. I had to wonder how many times Jodie had listened to those songs, but his foot was tapping the entire time and he didn’t miss a beat.
If you haven’t been to downtown Louisville, the plywood is coming off the store fronts and business is starting to return. Rest assured that there is plenty to do and see and The Even Williams Bourbon Experience should be on your list.
Make sure you pick up a bottle of their special expressions as it is only one of two places in the world you can grab it. Cheers and we hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did recording it.
So grab a glass and a bottle of Evan Williams Bottled in Bond, you know you have it on your bar or should. Set back and listen as Jim and I take another trip down The Bourbon Road to visit two fine Kentucky gentlemen while visiting KY-DSP 1.
Mike (Big Chief)