How much do you know about the mash bills from Buffalo Trace Distillery. On this week’s episode and in this Article we will explore the buffalo trace mash bills from the fan favorite distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky and introduce you to some unknown information.

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Buffalo Trace has two primary mash bills along with their rye whiskey mash bill and their wheated bourbon mash bill all of which they don’t disclose the recipe. Mash bill #1 is most likely 10% or less rye while mash bill #2 is somewhere between 10% to 12%.. The wheat mash bill is thought to be over 15% wheat, while the rye whiskey mash bill is thought to be just 51% rye. There is the EH Taylor Straight rye that is assumed to have a high percentage of rye.

But wait… there is even more to let you know about the monster distillery. The Abraham Bowman Distillery in Virginia is a blend of the #1 and #2 mash bills that is shipped to Virginia where it is redistilled and aged in Virginia.  There are also other mash bills that you will be familiar with but might not have had the chance to taste such as, Buffalo Trace Four Grain mash bill and  Buffalo Trace Amaranth mash bill.

Ancient Age is another slightly confusing brand made by Buffalo Trace, but not owned by it. The ultra-affordable brand is another holdover from the Age International days, only Ancient Age keeps much of its juice in the US but we bet you didn’t know that Age International is  a subsidiary of Takara Shuzo Co. Oh did I just give you the correct answer to our giveaway? I think I did. So I would call the #2 mash bill their contract distilled mash bill.

So with that you know what I like to say. Grab that glass, a bottle from your favorite Buffalo Trace mash bill. Listen as Jim and I walk you down The Bourbon Road sipping on 8 of these delicious whiskeys while we explore the Buffalo Trace mash bills. Cheers

Mike (Big Chief)