The question was asked of Elizabeth O’Neill McCall if she was more of a country girl or a city girl? Check out this week’s podcast to find out…

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Flannel and Pearls

There she was… climbing around in the rick house at Woodford totally in her element; drilling holes in barrels for everyone to get a straight from the barrel taste. She was dressed in flannel with jeans and work boots and totally at home. Months later, there she was… introducing Woodford to millions watching the Kentucky Derby in the stands and on television. This time she was wearing a big hat and a dress … and pearls.

Elizabeth O’Neill McCall is the Assistant Master Distiller at Woodford Reserve.  However, it was not just happenstance that put her there. It doesn’t take 5 minutes around her to realize she is in her current position because she knows what she is doing and is gaining respect in the bourbon world for doing it well. She perfectly embodies the bourbon culture and what it is all about. One can also tell Chris Morris is pleased with his protégé’.

In this episode of the Bourbon Road we sit down with Elizabeth to talk about her early years, all things equine and how she loves giving back to the community; something the bourbon community enjoys. Chris Morris even drops in for a surprise visit!

In a sense one could say that Elizabeth is very similar to the Woodford products she presents to the world – comfortable in laid back situations wearing flannel as well as sporting pearls taking center stage. Is she more of a city girl… or is the country where she enjoys spending most of her time? Find out in this episode of the Bourbon Road.

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