I have visited Nevada a few times in my life and I never thought farming our ranching. I had vivid ideas of Las Vegas with its many Casinos, Hoover Dam and of course miles of empty dessert. That just goes to show you to keep an open mind to what a place really is which brings me to the conversation for today. Frey Ranch Farmers + Distillers is built on the backbone of Be good to the land and the land will be good to you. Well let me tell you that these farmers must treat the land pretty special because the two whiskies they sent us are pretty special.

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The Frey Ranch was established in 1854 and has been producing grain ever since. I can tell you that it takes a prude business man to run a farm so my hats off to the Frey family for keeping their farm going for over 165 years. So how do farmers go from gowning corn to making whiskey? Well a son goes to college to get a business degree of course. Now you would assume while there he might have sipped on some of the amber goodness right (college research). Now while most farm kids run off to college to escape the farm life with its up before the sun and down way after the sunsets, Colby Frey went to ensure that he was one of those prude farmer/business men.

So what does Colby do, well lets turn all those grains into something delicious, like whiskey. So that’s his plan for being a successful farmer? Well yes, take out the middle man and you make more money right? But first you better have some great whiskey. The neat thing is that Colby had to wait. You see Nevada had no laws of how to start or run a distillery. So he waits. While he is waiting though he ensures that his whiskey will taste good. So when the laws did pass,  Colby was ready with his family’s farms future and so is born Frey Ranch  Farmers + Distillers.

Wow, so that’s pretty impressive right.  Yes there is a lot more to the story but I do know this, The American Dream still lives in the West. Well, to back it up Frey Ranch was good enough to send Jim and I two bottles of their whiskeys. Their four grain  straight bourbon whiskey that is aged four years and their 100% Rye whiskey that is also a bottled in bond. What do we say about these two whiskies. Well, you will have to listen to the episode to find out, but I will say this, both Jim and I agree which rarely never happens.

So grab a glass, a bottle of bourbon or rye whiskey and listen as Jim and I take The Bourbon Road to Frey Ranch Farmers and Distillers for a true ground to glass experience with Colby Frey. Cheers.

Mike (Big Chief)