Wow, what a year it has been for The Bourbon Road. I remember meeting Jim inside The Barrel Room in downtown Shelbyville, Kentucky. Yes you have heard that story before haven’t you? Well this is about celebrating the first year of the Podcast and that was definitely a key moment in the past year.

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Now the podcast wouldn’t have been possible without some inspiration and Jim told me his inspiration was social media bourbon sites like The Mash and Drum, My Bourbon Podcast and Its Bourbon Night. Jason, Perry, Chad and Sara had given Jim an idea that he could do this to, so he approached Randy about starting a podcast.

The Bourbon Road was born, now what would they talk about. They decided to focus on the bourbon culture itself, finding the stories behind the bourbon. They wanted to ensure that they conducted all interviews in person and would travel wherever and whenever they had to. Now this is a bourbon is podcast and two pours a show would be the standard with all guest.

What is the bourbon culture and would it be interesting enough for a podcast. It’s everything that is bourbon, the distilleries, the people, the shops, the bars and the bourbon itself. Using the format of the great Paul Harvey to always find the behind the scene story, the untold truth and the in-depth look at history is what we believed would be interesting to listeners.

Was it interesting enough for you to come back as a listener? You have responded with a loud yes and we truly appreciate that. You have helped us grow into one of the most respected podcast in the whiskey world. You have helped us grow both our Facebook page, The Bourbon Roadies Facebook group, Twitter Following, YouTube Subscribers and Instagram followers. It’s amazing the support we have received.

The podcast definitely wouldn’t have been successful without great guest as well. The Master Distillers like Lisa Wicker, Pat Heist, Shane Baker, Caleb Kilburn, and Alex Castle all opened their doors with open arms. Music artist like Whiskey River, Dustin Collins and Bo Garrett who all shared their music and how bourbon has help them shape it. Chefs like Josh Moore, David Danielson and Virginia Rankin who shared delicious bourbon recipes for you to enjoy.

We definitely wouldn’t have survived without tutelage from fellow podcasters like Dads Drinking Bourbon and The Bourbon Lens. Both these successful podcast shows collaborated with us and have been inspiration for us to keep pushing on. Along with them there have been many others on social media influencers like The Bourbon Life that have lent a hand.

We also had guest like listeners Jason and Jen Waller on the show. Jason and Adam Boothby are our moderators and The Bourbon Roadies Facebook group and they are a big part of why we are successfully, Thanks guys.

So many places have allowed use their location for a studio. The Paddock Coffee Shop, The Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History, The Seelbach Hotel, Westport Whiskey and Wine and Justin’s House of Bourbon where we interviewed Bourbon Legends such as Steve Coomes, Peggy Noe Stevens and Michael Veach.

We also believe that our podcast has helped several craft distillers such as Leipers Fork, Bluegrass Distillers, Old Carter Whiskey Company, Hotel Tango, Widow Jane, Rich Grain, Rocktown, Severn Three, Jimmy’s Bourbon, Valiant, Boundary Oak, Spirits of French Lick, Nelson Greenbrier, Peerless and 291 be introduced to thousands of new people around the world.

Along with craft distilleries, we also are so appreciative to the giants in the industry such as Brown Forman, Woodford Reserve, Heaven Hill, Angels Envy, Wilderness Trail and Bardstown Bourbon Company for letting us break news and sample new expressions that had never been experienced by others outside their companies. They took a chance on the new guys and we fill like we won every time.

So many great guest, friends and family have supported us. So many great memories, from blind bourbon challenges, road trips to The Kentucky Bourbon Festival, Kentucky State BBQ Festival and  Nashville. Even the fellowship we have had with organizations like the Lexington Bourbon Society and The Bourbon Brotherhood have been awe-inspiring to us. To us every mile has been worth the experience.

We also would love to thank our beautiful wives, Mel, Julie and Vivian, who all have had to hear way too much about bourbon, schedules, missed dates and late nights.

So Jim and I sat down with social distancing at hand and celebrated the first year while sipping on six different expressions of Knobs Creek. Now that’s a celebration don’t you think? So celebrate with us as we put it in reverse and take a trip down the past year of The Bourbon Road.

Mike (Big Chief)