What’s the best bottle of bourbon for under $15?

Big Chief ran across a couple bottles of Heaven Hill Distillery, Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon 6 year and couldn’t resist grabbing a few.

How could we not review this bourbon whiskey?   Cheers!

Tasting Notes: Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon 6 year

Vital Stats: It has a mashbill of 78% corn, 12% malted barley, and 10% rye, it’s aged in char #3 white oak barrels for 6 years and bottled at 90 proof. With an MSRP of $12.99, how can you go wrong?

Appearance: The bottle is nothing special and the color is dark amber.

Nose: Almonds, trail mix, peanut brittle and chocolate. It has hints of oak, caramel and vanilla.

Palate: Full bodied nuttiness, with deep dark caramel and some smoke from the charred oak. Black pepper spice with a tab bit of bitterness on the back end.

Finish: Medium with a beautiful Kentucky hug.

Overall:  This should be a buy every time you come to Kentucky. We both will always have a bottle on our shelves to share with friends.

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