Have you ever had a double casked rye whiskey ?

Hillrock Estate Distillery in the Hudson Valley was kind enough to send us a bottle of their Hillrock Double Cask Rye.

This rye whiskey was crafted by the late Dave Pickerell, who was previously the master distiller at Maker’s Mark.

Tasting Notes: Hillrock Double Cask Rye Whiskey

Vital Stats: It is 90 proof and has a MSRP of $80. It has a 100% rye mashbill and is none age stated.

Appearance: Dark amber

Nose: Sweet, spice and everything nice with dark fruits, almost a port wine finish, but nope. Just oak that gives it some worn leather as well.

Palate: Sweetness and oak. A tab bit of pepper spice almost, like dried candied ginger. Just a little bitter oak on the back end that is rather nice. A completely balanced whiskey.

Finish: Medium to long that drinks higher than 90 proof. It leaves you with a Cherry tobacco note that is long lasting. A beautiful Kentucky hug.

Overall: This is a buy for both of us. A well crafted whiskey that can be gifted, shared with friends or to introduce people to the rye whiskey world.

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