Have you ever had a triple mash whiskey before?

More then likely you have and didn’t even notice, but if you haven’t then Jack Daniel’s has got one for you as part of their new bonded series.

Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash is a Bottled-in-Bond whiskey, which must be distilled by a single distiller during a single distillation season, matured in a government bonded warehouse for at least four years, and bottled at 100 proof.  Barrels are hand-selected for their characteristics of deeper color, flavor, and aroma, which deliver a darker, richer, and more oak-forward character.

Tasting Notes:  Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash

Vital Stats: While this is non-age stated, it is bonded, so we know it’s at least 4 years old. It has a Mash-bill that is 60% Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye (70% Rye, 18% Corn, 12% Malted Barley), 20% Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey (80% Corn, 12% Rye, 8% Malted Barley), and 20% Jack Daniel’s American Malt (100% Malted Barley). It is 100 proof and an MSRP of $33

Appearance:  A 700ml Jack Daniel’s bottle with mahogany red whiskey inside.

Nose: Southern sweet tea and fresh cedar almost Christmas like. Fruity cherry cola with hints of spice.

Palate: Sweet with red raspberry zinger cakes along with some banana. Tingling pop rocks with dried cherries and cinnamon cherry cola.

Finish: Medium to long with a little Tennessee hug and some woody oak.

Overall: We both found it as a very unique whiskey that we both would buy again. We love seeing Jack Daniels stepping away from the normal expressions down in Lynchburg, Tennessee.