Do you love single barrel bourbon at barrel strength or proofed down?

Jim and I were handed a single barrel release by the fine folks at Leiper’s Fork Distillery on our last visit that we are pretty excited about.

It will be released in the Leiper’s Fork Distillery gift shop on the 4th of July weekend.

If you haven’t visited Leiper’s Fork you’re missing out. Pay these fine folks a visit and see what true southern hospitality is all about.

We hope you enjoy The Bourbon Road’s review.   Be sure to catch the podcast episode on your favorite platform.  Cheers!

Tasting Notes: Leiper’s Fork Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon

Vital Stats: This is a 5 year 3 month old single barrel wheated bourbon . It has a mashbill is 70% corn 15% wheat and 15% malted barley, is 110.3 proof and can be bought at the distillery gift shop for $99.

Appearance:  A standard bottle with a very detailed label. The whiskey inside dark amber.

Nose: rich, sweet and sticky. Dark dried figs, Hershey kisses chocolate and honey.

Palate: It’s got a beautiful spice that’s almost black pepper like. Sweet and sticky like rich honey with the figs. Dark rich molasses with nice oak. Very creamy and layered with completely.

Finish: long with a nice Tennessee hug.

Overall: This is an amazing single barrel from our friends at Leiper’s Fork Distillery, if you can’t get your hands on something like a Weller or a Pappy you would very happy with the high proofed wheater . It’s all that’s great about craft distillers and their amazing craft whiskey. Cheers