I refer to bourbon as a “liquid sunset” …

It is because of the time I was sitting on the porch and the light from the actual sunset that
evening hit my glass of bourbon diffusing colors in all directions. Browns of varying darkness,
ambers and even hints of orange and red radiated into the air. It gave me a “warm fuzzy’. I then
began to think about how, just as Mother Nature had given me a spectacle to end the day, she
also had her hand in the liquid sunset which I held in mine.

That is one of the things that fascinates me about ye ole brown water bourbon…
The same ingredients of varying degrees go into a barrel, yet what comes out can be so
different. For the spirit to take flight the seasons must play their hand pulling and pushing it
through the charred oak while the devil gets his cut and the angels get their share. What gets
left behind is a great gift of quality with a stamp from Mother Nature. A gift best shared with
family and friends.

That is why when Jim came to me with the idea of a podcast called the Bourbon Road centered
around this lifestyle and culture, I jumped at the chance. The Bourbon Road in its simplest
definition really is about the people along the road. The people who love the spirit, the horses,
the music, the food and just enjoying this lifestyle.

We at the Bourbon Road like to say, “Your bourbon, your way”. Just as the spectacle of a sunset
varies in its views and is enjoyed differently depending on where one is, who they are with and
what they may be doing, so a “liquid sunset” can be enjoyed differently depending on the view
from that point on the Bourbon Road. Join us as we journey.

— Randy