This week as I drove to Loretta Kentucky it reminded me of my childhood and this country I love so much. My wife and I left our house in Shelbyville and I decided to take the backroads. Let me get real with you for a second, there is nothing but backroads to from my house. Why is the Wheated King of Kentucky driving to Maker’s Mark you ask? Well to interview Rob Samuels and learn about his restoration of his family’s house in Samuels, KY while also turning it into a one of a kind bourbon getaway that you can rent for your bourbon pilgrimage. You will not regret the memories that will be made at this historic house. But before I get  to that part of my trip let me turn back to our drive.

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As we traveled south It is always nice to take in the countryside with almost every house flying old glory showing each families patriotism. Would you expect anything less from Abraham Lincoln’s home state? We had left early so we could find a place to eat and as we crossed over the bluegrass parkway my wife found a place in Springfield to grab some breakfast. If you haven’t visited Springfield Kentucky put it on your list.  Its beautiful main street is lined with shops for you to explore. We settled on visiting a quaint little coffee shop  who also had breakfast. I grabbed a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and also a biscuit with country ham (it’s a southern thing). Vivian grabbed a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit along with our coffee. While eating we listened to locals chatting and the conversation about military got us quickly involved.

My wife always says I have never meet a stranger and once again she was right. The conversation of the military and what had brought us to their beautiful town flowed with laughter and interest. This is why we love Kentucky so much. The hospitably, kindness and open arms you receive from town to town is amazing and these four ladies were no different. By the end of our breakfast we had swapped phone numbers, some of them took business cards and others joined The Bourbon Roadies right there. Before we continued on down The Bourbon Road towards the distillery one of the ladies even invited Vivian and I free nights at their Air BNB, The Getaway in Bourbon Country. Make sure to check out this veteran owned and operated one of a kind destination. The only thing that would have made this stop better would have been some bourbon cream in my coffee.

Off down the road we went and Just 15 minutes later we were pulling into Maker’s Mark Distillery where we were quickly meet by Rob Samuels. Rob was quick to pour both of us giant glasses of Maker’s Mark Cask Strength. Now that’s the way to be greeted if you ask me, a true Kentucky welcome. Our conversation flowed about the beginning of Maker’s Mark and how Rob’s grandparents Bill and Margie had founded the distillery. His grandmother’s influence with her eye for detail and how she was instrumental in the development of the red wax, the label and even the recipe itself. By the second half we were into discussing the Samuels house and all that is offered at the house. Vivian was also felling right at home on the leather couch emptying her first glass of bourbon. Rob was quick and refilled her glass and ensured both of us felt right at home.

As we sipped on a glass of Maker’s 46 Cask Strength. Rob told the history of the Samuels house. The House was constructed near 1820 by Robert Samuels who is the names sake for Rob and who also made whiskey for George Washington’s troops. It was also the place that Frank and Jesse James surrendered at the end of the Civil War. It was the home to High Sherriff T.W. Samuels who accepted Frank James Navy Colt. Over 150 year later, the house remains a fixture of the Samuels family legacy. Today, the home has been meticulously prepared to provide discerning travelers exclusive access to the very heart of this rich bourbon heritage. You’ll find beautifully appointed spaces peppered with loads of personal family relics never displayed before. Where else can you see the deep fryer that Margie used to create the iconic Maker’s Mark red wax seal?

Rob wants you to experience the Samuels legacy like a member of the family and book your Kentucky pilgrimage stay at a true piece of bourbon history. With exclusive use of the home during your visit, you’ll be immersed in Kentucky bourbon culture. There are even opportunities to enhance your stay with one-of-a-kind experiences – like sipping whisky while listening to tales from bourbon icon Bill Samuels, Jr. – you’ll return home with your own stories to share for years to come. The 200-year-old family home has retained its architectural authenticity while being appointed with thoughtful amenities & modern comforts to ensure the ideal guest experience. Make sure to get your reservations in today by visiting the house’s website  where you can see all the offer has to offer.  Who knows you might even be able to have The Bourbon Road visit and lead you through a tasting.

Now grab that glass, a bottle of Maker’s Mark, come on you know you have a bottle on the bar. Listen as I take a trip down The Bourbon Road to one of the most beautiful distilleries on the face of the earth and drink bourbon with Rob Samuels of Maker’s Mark. Cheers