Mark and Sherri Carter, proud owners of Old Carter Whiskey Company have become great friends of our over the past year. After first being guest on Episode 8 of the show, we have gotten together with them several times. We have had dinner, sat down for some great whiskey fellowships and laughed so hard one time I nearly chocked on some whiskey.

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Now if you don’t know these two wonderful people, let me introduce you to them. Mark is a man of many talents, builder, Inn Keeper, Restaurant Owner, Wine Maker and now a Whiskey Baron. Sherri is an artist, author and a Whiskey Baroness. Together they form a wonderful duo.

Their whiskey is like the late Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton’s Islands in the Steam song. An instant classic that hit all the right notes, in perfect marriage of harmony built from a passion for the craft. Mark and Sherri defiantly have hit a stride when it comes to selecting the perfect barrels for their amazing bottles of Amber goodness.

Now these two if you don’t know were key partners in making Kentucky Owl what it is today. That same talent was not wasted when Kentucky Owl was sold. They went back to the drawing board and came up with another Iconic Brand. Old Carter in that short time has put out some might fine expressions.

Sherri not only created the branding for Kentucky Owl but also for Old Carter. The horse was actually a wood carving that Sherri did 20 years ago. I believe that they hit the jackpot with that horse and of course, the bourbon. The horse with its powerful muscles showing its strength matches their whiskey which is all barrel proof.

Mark and Sherri have also started distilling their own whiskey which they will let age for a long while. This is amazing news for their fans out there as this is the same path as Kentucky Owl. They have also invested in infrastructure here in Kentucky for a show room in downtown Louisville. Now, how could you not fall in love with these two?

There is great things ahead and Jim and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future. In the mean time they will keep finding amazing barrels that are just out of this world for all of us to consume. Their recipe for success is definitely a keeper.

The great thing about Sherri is she always has a big leather bag of goodies for us when we see them and this time was no exception. So grab a barrel strength pour, sit back and listen as we catch up with our friends the Carters as they take us down The Bourbon Road for a sampling of their latest expressions expected to releases this spring.

Cheers! Mike (Big Chief)

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