There are two things that we know, military service and whiskey.

So when a bottle of American single malt whiskey from two Navy veterans at Old Line Spirits was handed to us we had to give it a try.

Mark McLaughlin and Arch Watkins met in the Navy flying EA-6B Prowlers. After more than a decade of flying off of aircraft carriers, they independently decided to settle down in the mid-Atlantic to focus on family, but ended up in the same Navy reserve Prowler squadron.

With a healthy stint of travel and adventure behind them, sitting still in their new civilian desk jobs just wasn’t enough. Their shared love of whiskey and, at the time, a dearth of craft distilleries in Maryland led them to their true calling: starting their own distillery .

We hope you enjoy Jim and Mike’s review.   Be sure to download the podcast episode on your favorite platform to learn more.  Cheers!

Tasting Notes: Old Line American Single Malt Whiskey

Vital Stats: This American single malt cask strength whisky was distilled at Middle West Spirits by Mark and Arch. It is non age stated and it is an American single malt. We assume that it’s 100% barley. This expression is 124.4 proof and has an MSRP of $64.99.

Appearance: Tall whiskey bottle with dark red amber bourbon inside.

Nose: Pears and plums with a caramel waft. Horehound candy syrup with its spice that gives it a medicinal note.

Palate: Lots of caramel and vanilla with the horehound. Lots of oak with a mouth coating spice. The sweetness disappears and that oak dries out at the end. Your left with A&W root beer candy. Lots of barrel influence on this.

Finish: Medium to long with a mighty hug straight from the sea.

Overall:  This is a very pleasant American Single Malt that is a conversation whiskey.  It is very easy to fall in love with and it’s a buy for us. Bravo Zulu Mark and Arch on a delicious single malt whisky . Cheers