On this week’s episode I sat down and chatted with Terry Nichols from Oregon’s Dry Fly Distilling. Their whiskey is something spectacular and unique. Forging their own path. Almost like some classic movie about fishing or coming of age as a young man. Do you know those movies that I speak of? Sure you do.

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A River Runs Through It is one of my favorites and as I watched this classic again a couple  of weeks ago for the 101st time, several things caught my eye that I hadn’t noticed before. An amazing story set in Montana and directed by the great Robert Redford.
The story set in prohibition era and had several instances of whiskey. I guess I hadn’t noticed that before. As a matter of a fact, Robert Redford drank whiskey in several of the movies he acted in as well. He drank Old Bushmills in the Sting and said Scotch never less then 12 years in Spy Games.
He drinks a bottle of Cameron Castle Scotch in Barefoot in the Park and has several different brands in The Way we Were. Another of my favorites was Jeremiah Johnson. He is swigging whiskey from a jug and gets chased by a bear. The meme from that movie named the whiskey nod has been used over and over.
Funny how a bottle of whiskey can bring back memories of not just movies but times with parents, kids and friends. That’s what Dry Fly did for me. It kept the memories flowing in like endless waves on a beach. Make those memories while you have the time and share your whiskey with friends while reminiscing about the memories made.
Well with that, grab a bottle of wheat whiskey , a glass and listen to this weeks episode. I travel down The Bourbon Road with Oregon’s Dry Fly Distilling and Terry Nichols while sipping on four of their fine expressions of whiskey. Cheers
Mike (Big Chief)