What’s your favorite four grain bourbon?

Our good friends up at Penelope Bourbon sent us a bottle of their batch 5 barrel strength bourbon that is non chill filtered.   It has been aged for three to four years and is 116 proof.  It has a four grain mash bill that is undisclosed and was sourced from MGP, with each barrel hand selected and blended into a single batch.    It is available in several states and online for $58.99.

Penelope Bourbon is a company that was crafted in the classic entrepreneurial tradition, with one goal, to create a bourbon that everyone could enjoy and love.   Penelope Bourbon is distilled at MGP’s historic Lawrenceburg, Indiana distillery,  barreled into unique oak casks produced by  Speyside Cooperage, and blended and bottle at Castle & Key under the supervision of the Penelope team.

Mike and Jim spent some time tasting this four grain, barrel strength bourbon during their recent podcast.  Let’s see what they have they have to say.

Tasting Notes: Penelope Barrel Strength Bourbon

Vital Stats: Four Grain mash bill undisclosed . 58% ABV. $58.99/750ml. Bottled at 116 proof.

Nose: Rich and sweet with some florals. Syrup and vanilla that are very pleasing. It has a hint of fresh cut strawberries or fruity pebbles cereal.

Palate: The sweetness carries through with the spice of @poprocks_go candy. Very light for a barrel strength. Missing the heavy oak we have come to expect in a barrel strength.

Finish: Medium with a slight Kentucky hug.

Overall, Jim and Big Chief drank half a bottle so they are gonna call this a buy. A great sipper. This would be a great bottle to gift to a friend.

Find out more about Penelope at https://penelopebourbon.com/

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