What if I told you last year you would have to wait until 2027 to taste the final expression of a bourbon? I then tell you that each year I will let you have a bottle of it to taste to see how it ages starting at 4 years old. Would you still wait until 2027? Now the bourbon is going to increase in price every year with age for a total of 9 years until it is 12 years old with that first bottle costing $45. I can’t imagine the price in 2027 but do I have your attention yet?

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So let’s say you never open a bottle and collect all 9 bottles to have one amazing bourbon tasting. Who would come up with a scheme like this? Most distilleries release certain lines of special bourbons right, Old Forester has their Birthday Bourbon, Woodford has their Master’s Collection and Wild Turkey has their Master’s Keep,  but it was our friends over at Pinhook that took it to an entire new level when creating the concept for their Vertical Series where you will get to taste the bourbon as it ages over the years.

I have already opened my 4 year old bottle and I worry that it won’t make it until 2027 unless I hide from myself somewhere. Then I need to remember to pick up a bottle every year if I can find one. You see I want to do that tasting. I like to grab the other lineups from the other distilleries I listed and do a comparison except for the birthday bourbon of which I don’t have a bottle. Pinhook might have just struck gold with this idea and the idea and their idea to not have a standard expression at all. It’s like having the distillery release a new pick every year for us whiskey nerds right? Am I the only one that see it this way?

Pinhook not only hit the nail on the head with these ideas but we also must tip our hat to them on their marketing and bottle design. Colors that stand out on a liquor shelf so that you can notice them and each whiskey named after different horses. Can this company do any wrong. It seems like they can’t doesn’t it? They even got Castle & Key to let them be the first bourbon to come out of The Old Taylor Distillery since 1972.  Seems like someone has a lucky horse shoe or something to that effect.  This team is thinking outside the box and coming up with new ideas to excite the bourbon lover in us all. We simply just love it.

So grab yourself a bottle of Pinhook’s Bourbon off yourself, you know you bought at least one to try, just don’t grab the vertical bottle (save that one for that tasting in 2027), pour a glass and listen as I travel down The Bourbon Road with Sean Josephs of Pinhook discussing their bright future. Cheers

Mike (Big Chief)