Have you consumed more bourbon whiskey while at home since all the COVID 19 quarantine hit us? I had never really considered it before because my wife and I had both continued or normal lives throughout the entire thing. Her going to the hospital to work in ICU taking care of COVID patients and myself going to work for the Coast Guard keeping the western rivers safe. I drank an evening pour almost every night and enjoyed our farm life.

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That all changed for both of us three weeks ago. She came home feeling sick and was tested positive two days later. Bam, just like that we went from our normal lives to being told not to leave our house. Neither of us had to work so you would assume my intake of bourbon would rise right. Dead wrong, wait I shouldn’t say dead should I with the entire COVID thing. Oh well, so what happens when your home for 14 days, no responsibilities and no work.


First thing you do is sleep in like those teenage days. Then you realize I have all this time I should get some of the house projects done right. That was the case with me, several projects I had pushed off because of money or time I would tackle and try to complete myself. So I worked like I hadn’t worked in 20 years trying to complete as many home improvement or home repairs as I could in 14 days. I would start working around 8 am, finish around 6 pm every day and then cook dinner for the wife and I. By the time everything was done I had no time for an evening pour. WHAT?


Say it isn’t so, yes it is so. I see others post on social media on how many bottle kills they have or how they have that mid-day dram and I wonder how in the world are they doing this. I wouldn’t have survived and my projects wouldn’t have gotten completed as they have. Now we are still not back to normal but, damn it I am going start acting my age. No more sleeping in and I will make sure that I get that evening pour of amber goodness. Hell, I might even start making new cocktails. What I must do though is give thanks to friends like Jim that helped get us groceries and makes Lowes runs for me. How does Big Chief give such thanks.

Glad you asked. I pour him a glass of Old Fitzgerald 9 year that our good friend Adam Boothby sent me and after that for good measure I pour him a glass of Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 25 yr Straight Bourbon Whiskey. So that’s how Jima and I celebrated my release from this home prison, with two amazing pours amongst friends while recording this episode. Jim, once again thanks for your continued support and friendship. We have been truly blessed with such great friends and neighbors and like the bourbon culture that I love so much I can only say thanks, share my bourbon and step up in their time of need.

So it’s that time to grab that glass, wait wash your hands you dirty animal, grab a bottle of your favorite bourbon and fill that glass up. Listen as Jim and I take another trip down The Bourbon Road while sipping on one of the most cherished bourbons and one of the oldest bourbons on the market. Cheers!