In a recent interview with David Jennings, The Bourbon Road crew had the opportunity to converse with an amazing Wild Turkey Super Fan and find out how far someone will go for their favorite libation.  

If you say that someone or something is a “rare bird” you mean that they are unusual. Dictionaries define “rare bird” as “an exceptional person or thing; a rarity”. David Jennings is definitely a “rare bird”. In fact, his website is called Rare Bird 101. How fitting for someone who is essentially a Wild Turkey Super Fan! I don’t know if I have ever sat down and talked bourbon, (especially Wild Turkey products), with someone so knowledgeable that they try to guess the rick and release date.

When “The Bourbon Road” crew got a chance to talk to David, we were blown away by the knowledge all packaged up in this one young guy. His nose and palate are incredible – which didn’t happen overnight. Later on, we were treated to some Dusty, Split and Gold Labels we may not have ever had a chance to try. He is in the process of writing a book, going on “barrel picks” and carries on his work as a self-proclaimed ambassador for Wild Turkey. So much so that the Campari Group, who owns Wild Turkey, will pick his brain from time to time and the Russells welcome him when he visits. If you are a Wild Turkey fan and would like to find out more from one of the best, David, Mr. Rare Bird 101, is your guy!

Check out his site @

You won’t be disappointed! He is a Rare Bird indeed!


Cheers! Randy.