If you think the bourbon boom is almost over you might want to do some research. It is very clear to us that Old Forester thinks the complete opposite. This week we are reviewing Old Forester 117 Series with Jackie Zykan. She was kind enough to send us their new expression The 117 Series: High Angels’ Share and we can’t thank her enough. It was an outstanding representation of her palate and rise to the top of a bourbon empire. It’s more than just this expression… we believe they think there is plenty of room for growth. Jackie explained the plan for releasing three more expressions in 2021.

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Wow, if they are all as tasty as this one then that is some exciting news. We tend to agree with Old Forester, there seems to be no end to the bourbon boom in the foreseeable future. With distilleries such as Old Forester and their secret weapon Jackie making expressions like this 117 Series, it is sending bourbon nerds like us into a frenzy. Almost like a swarm of sharks, just waiting for the next big thing to be released. Even the small craft distilleries are benefiting from  this with their one of releases, barrel picks and there standard expressions growing in age.

So do you see what we and Old Forester see now? If not just drive around the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and see all the new Whiskey Rack Houses flying up overnight. Traditional Bourbon Country is growing at an unexpected rate, there is little to no room left in Bardstown or Louisville for these warehouses so distilleries have had to look to new counties to grow their operations. That’s a welcome site for all bourbon drinkers right? Will we see a decline anytime soon though as there was in the 1960’s? What will make it bust?

It might be when the bourbon distilleries ask to much from their consumers and drive up prices to a point where we have to turn to other whiskies that are not digging deep into our pockets for every cent. Remember that it is not the distilleries though that are driving the bourbon boom, it is us, the whiskey nerds, the bourbon bullshitters and the bourbon drinkers that are controlling the market. Even feeding into our own greed by selling hard to find bottles on secondary markets for exorbitant amounts of money.

To that I say enjoy it while it last and enjoy the days that we live in with expressions like The 117 Series from Old Forester and Jackie Zykan. Cheers

So it’s that time to grab a glass, yes our glass that you just bought, a bottle of Old Fo as Jim and I take another trip down The Bourbon Road with the new Queen of Bourbon Jackie Zykan.

Mike (Big Chief)