Could Russell’s Reserve Russels Reserve 13y ear be the 2021 bourbon of the year?

The master distillers for Wild Turkey,  Jimmy Russell and Eddie, Russel continue adding to their legacy with this power puncher.

This one is all about the turkey and has been beautiful crafted to allow you to experience the very best they have to offer.

Tasting Notes: Russel’s Reserve 13 year

Vital Stats: It is 114.8 proof and with an MSRP of $70. It’s the Wild Turkey mashbill of 75% corn 13% rye and 12% malted barely.

Appearance: Stagg jr. style bottle with dark amber bourbon inside.

Nose: Toffee, dark cherries, honey tea and vanilla. There are hints of chocolate and oak.

Palate: Spiced gum drops, honey tea with such an overwhelming sweetness. Cinnamon with waves of chocolate, oak and caramel. So complex with layer after layer of new and wonderful flavors.

Finish: Long and lingering with a beautiful Kentucky hug.

Overall:  At 13 years old and $70 how can this not be a buy. Is it bourbon of the year? That remains to be see, but what is for sure is this bourbon whiskey is an amazing sipper. Cheers to Jimmy and Eddie on another great release.

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