Can you get good bourbon in the Florida Keys?

Jim was on a fishing trip with his son Chris in the Keys and low and behold he found Key West Trading Company Smugglers Cove Bourbon.

The Key West Trading Company is bottling bourbon produced with the TerrePure process. The process was developed by Terressentia in the US, which cleans and refines spirits after distillation, as well as rapidly ageing, filtering, purifying and flavoring.

We do know that the only distillery doing this process is, Green River Distilling Co., so we will assume that it was sourced from there.

Let’s dive into Jim’s review below.    We hope you enjoy the review and be sure to tune into the podcast episodes on your favorite platform.   Cheers!

Tasting Notes: Smugglers Cove Bourbon

Vital Stats: Their Smugglers Cove Bourbon which is an over 1 year bourbon whiskey sourced from from Kentucky. It has a undisclosed mashbill and is 90 proof. It has an MSRP of $35.

Appearance: Light and sweet with some caramel. Little to no spice.

Nose: Lucky Charms, dates, caramel, and the heavy oak of the barrel.

Palate: Corn sweet with a surprising smoothness. A little pepper and cinnamon giving it a nice spice. Licorice and anice making us think it is a rye.

Finish: Short with a slight Kentucky hug.

Overall: Something to find if you in the Keys to celebrate your trip to paradise. Great for sipping on the dock after a long day fishing.

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