Well folks, this is the last of the Still House Sessions at Leipers Fork Distillery, and I think we saved a really good one for last. Two great guests on this episode… Taylor Austin Dye and Old Jack D (Jack Daniels Single Barrel Barrel Proof).

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This weeks guest is country music artist and songwriter Taylor Austin Dye. Born in bourbon country in the foothills of eastern Kentucky (Booneville), she is no stranger to whiskey. Her music is something special that tells of headache and triumphs with a little bit of whiskey poured in.

She reminded Jim and I that there are many forms of whiskey drinkers with her first pour on the episode. She threw it back like she had only seconds to get it down.  It was a great reminder for us because we always say “your bourbon your way”. Drink it how you want as long as you’re drinking it.
Unlike Taylor our wild days are over and we like to take things at a slower pace. We both have took just a few shots over the years with some bad experiences in between. But with those came some amazing memories. The experience of sitting around a campfire with a bottle of Jack and great friends. Tell me you don’t have one of those stories.
So we say embrace the young, the old and the middle aged whiskey drinker as we can all agree that we simply love our native spirit. We love to share it with friends, between sets on stage as Taylor does or even after a long day at work.

Make sure you download Taylor’s new smash  hit “Water Me Down” and visit her web site https://tayloraustindye.com  to see where she will be playing next. Trust me you won’t regret listening to this amazing young talent that is destined to rise to the top of the charts. You will likely see Taylor Austin Dye with that bottle of Old Jack D.

So grab that bottle of Jack, a glass, relax as you listen as Jim and I travel down The Bourbon Road with Taylor Austin Dye. The music alone will move your soul. Cheers
Mike (Big Chief)