There are times that you meet someone and you can just see the talent flowing out of them. Passion, Dedication and determination all in one person can be a rare thing and that person just needs that one chance to shine. That’s what I found at in Daphne Cottrell the Treaty Oak Distilling’s Whiskey Princess. The energy that she has is contagious. She makes you believe in what she is doing and what she wants to achieve. I’m so pleased that Treaty Oak has given her that chance. First in Marketing and now in the art of distillation.

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She is not what I had expected when I arrived at Treaty Oak. She had been working and her outfit told the story of wrestling worn aged barrels with their rusty rings. This woman didn’t mind the effort that distilling requires and this won my respect automatically without her speaking a word. I knew what I was about experience something special and with that she gripped my hand with pride and introduced herself.

The distillery sits on part of an old ranch 30 miles outside of Austin in the Dripping Springs, Texas. Nestled in the scenic Hill Country of Central Texas with giant live oak groves just like the majestic treaty oak itself and back country farm to market roads. The beauty here is something amazing with limestone cliffs that tower hundreds of feet above the creeks and rivers that have carved through them. With a dry and aired climate it you could almost feel like your down in old Mexico.

The grounds are not your typical distillery were everything is nestled into one neat package. This distillery is like they took the ranch buildings and utilized every original building for something different. The barns for the main distillery itself and rick house, the equipment shed for used and new barrel storage,  an old house as a gift shop and tasting room, another old building for Alice’s restaurant with four or five giant barbeque pits in the back. They have used an old semi and trailer as a stage so that they can have music out under the giant Texas sky.

This place tells a story all on its own, just like Daphne did without speaking a word. I was treated to Texas size hospitality with Texas whiskey that is big and bold, to Texas BBQ that makes your mouth water with just the sight of it and a whiskey conversation with a woman that is going to light the whiskey world on fire with her talents. I hope that you the listener and can feel what I got to experience in this episode. Try to find a bottle of Treaty Oak Whiskey to try and  If you’re in the Hill Country make sure to stop by and tell Daphne Big Chief sent you.

With that, grab a glass, a bottle of whiskey and listen as I take you on another trip down The Bourbon Road to The Lone Star state for a discussion with Treaty Oak Distilling’s Whiskey Princess.  Cheers

Mike (Big Chief)