A distillery in the heart of Atlanta, GA?

You heard it correctly. ASW Distillery is producing and bottling some amazing expressions in the heart of Atlanta. Yet another good reason to go visit.

This particular bottle is the Fiddler Georgia Heartwood.   What makes this wheated bourbon really stand out? ASW finishes this bourbon with charred white oak heartwood staves for several months. …… and oh my, have they done something good!

Tasting Notes: ASW Distillery Fiddler Georgia Heartwood

Vital Stats: Overall mash bill is unknown, but it’s a high wheat bourbon with 45% wheat and sourced from MGP.   Finished with charred white oak GA heartwood staves for several months.     Single barrel store pick coming in at 115.6 proof.

Nose: Corn and wheat grains, vanilla, slight char

Palate: Vanilla, graham cracker, marshmallow, hint of dark baking chocolate. You see where I’m going? Yes, s’mores! Some grain youthfulness.

Finish: Sweet and warm with just a slight spice. Thins out at the finish, but provides a little lasting flavor and a decent hug.

Overall:  This is a great craft distillery expression of a wheated bourbon.   If you are in a distribution area, or visiting Atlanta, I’d suggest giving it a try.

– AdamB

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