You might have asked yourself why this podcast is titled, “The Bourbon Road”. Could it be an actual place, a country road in Kentucky or maybe even a twist on the famous Bourbon Trail?  The simple answer is no, so we wanted to take just a few minutes and explain how a couple of bourbon enthusiasts from Kentucky came to start a podcast featuring bourbon culture and community titled “The Bourbon Road”.

My co-host Randy and I have been friends for some time, and when we have a chance to get together it’s often over a glass of bourbon. Regardless of what is going on around us, holding a glass and talking about the day has a way of putting life in perspective. As we sip on that brown water and chat about things, the memory of a hard day seems to melt away as our discussion twists and turns though the topics that come to mind. Inevitably, we end up talking about the bourbon itself, the proof, the mash bill, who made it and where. Maybe even recalling a memory of when we first tried it. But, that conversation quickly moves on as we grab another pour from the bar.

These gatherings have repeated many times over the years as the conversation evolves along with our palates and knowledge of bourbon. Sometimes we are joined by first time bourbon drinkers, new enthusiasts, or even some old pros. Each is at a different point in their journey and able to join the friendly discussion around our common interest. Whether we are hosts or guests, it’s always the same… we are all equal, welcome, accepted and encouraged in our journey. Where else do you find that kind of culture today? It is a rare thing.

The Bourbon Road is an exploration, or even a journey that each of us is on. Each at our own place on the road, traveling at our own speed. Each week, we want to talk to interesting people who are on their own journey. People who identify with the bourbon culture or community. Our guests may be artists, chefs, authors, distillers, musicians, business owners or bourbon enthusiasts. Each with an appreciation for bourbon and an interesting story to tell. We’ll sit down with our guests and enjoy a pour while we talk about life, their journey and the bourbon.

We hope you enjoy listening as we travel around talking to some very interesting people on The Bourbon Road.

— Jim