The Bourbon Road


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Dads Drinking Bourbon

Our trip to Nashville, Tennessee would not have been complete without a visit with

Rye with a Twist

It’s hard to guess how things might go when two podcasts join together for

Flannel and Pearls

The question was asked of Elizabeth O'Neill McCall if she was more of a

Worth the Trip

In this episode, Jim and Randy sit down with Chris Zaborowski, co-owner at Westport

A Time to Reflect

Jim explains sour mash -vs- sweet mash and Randy finally talks about his moonshining

The Bourbon Boys

The Bourbon Boys get together to participate in a double blind tasting and "shoot

When Bourbon Gives Back

Recently we had the great opportunity to sit down with Barry Brinegar  and Ben

Rare Bird

In a recent interview with David Jennings, The Bourbon Road crew had the opportunity

Casually Classy

Recently we had the great opportunity to interview Chef David Danielson. David is the

The Taste of Success

In a recent interview with Noah Glanville, I had the opportunity to discover some amazing

Liquid Sunset

I refer to bourbon as a “liquid sunset” … It is because of the

The Bourbon Road?

You might have asked yourself why this podcast is titled, "The Bourbon Road". Could